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2016-2017 UCF Scholarship Winners

2016-2017 UCF Scholarship Winners [person name="Anna Rideout, 19 years old; Lexington, KY" picture="" title="Bernice McNamara Memorial Scholarship"][/person] [person name="Jacqueline Buschmann, 33 years old; Washington, DC" picture="" title="BOYAA Scholarship"][/person] [person name="Amelia Upchurch, 18 years old; Dayton, MD" picture="" title="Doug Parker Memorial Scholarship"][/person] [/fusion_builder_column_inner] [person name="Diana Blanco, 21 years old;

Janet Margaret Freeman Scholarship

The Janet Margaret Freeman Scholarship is established to honor the life of Janet Margaret Freeman who lost her life to Breast Cancer.   She bravely and gracefully faced many challenges in her life.  The scholarship has been established by her family to support young adults who have faced particularly difficult challenges and who are working towards their career and

Margaret Grace Freeman Scholarship

The Margaret Grace Freeman Scholarship is established to honor the life of Margaret Grace Freeman who lost her husband, daughter, and daughter-in-law to cancer.  She was a source of support and encouragement to others fighting cancer, and the scholarshipestablished by her family in her memory is to be awarded to a young person who has demonstrated significant compassion

2015-2016 UCF Scholarship Winners

2015-2016 UCF Scholarship Winners Jessica Cellinesi Bernice McNamara Memorial Scholarship   Kyle Greaver  Board of Young Adult Advisors Scholarship (BOYAA – Baltimore)   Harry "Bo" Oliver  Doug Parker Memorial Scholarship  Anthony Smith  Jacqueline Shearer Memorial Scholarship   Jay Carr  Jacqueline Shearer Memorial Scholarship Whitney Johnson  The James & Patricia

2015-16 Scholarship: Hannah Dowell

Hannah Dowell 19, Chicago, IL, Vittoria Dianna Ricardo Memorial Scholarship Mother passed away from colon cancer "I plan to help as many people as I can, because I feel that is my life’s purpose. I will carry with me the qualities my mother showed and taught me throughout my life and hopefully make an impact in

2015-16 Scholarship: Brooke McGee

Brooke McGee 30, Tysons Corner, VA, Vera Yip Memorial Scholarship Mom passed away from brain cancer  “Not only have my life experiences shaped me as a person, they also prepared me for law school and a public interest career. Without my unexpected path, I would not have learned about myself, nor would I be certain a law

2015-16 Scholarship: James ‘Zippy’ Cimino

James ‘Zippy’ Cimino 21, Neshanic Station, NJ, Sean Silver Memorial Scholarship Diagnosed with Hodgkin’s and non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Mother was also diagnosed with cancer. “A few things I’ve learned from my battles: to be more patient, there are many kind people from all walks of life, to pay it forward every chance you get, everyone has a

2015-16 Scholarship: Lauren Bendesky

Lauren Bendesky 19, Coral Springs, FL, Sean Silver Memorial Scholarship Diagnosed with stage IV neuroblastoma “Even after being given favorable statistics, I decided that day to stay strong and persevere. I have become a fighter, continuing to overcome obstacles and inspiring others in similar situations.”

2015-16 Scholarship: Lisa Potter

Lisa Potter 23, Baltimore, MD, Satola Family Scholarship Diagnosed with cervical cancer and her father was diagnosed with esophageal cancer “Cancer was my greatest educator and my antidepressant, and I want to share my experiences with others, especially those who are going through similar hardships. Prior to diagnosis, I had never considered donating to cancer research, or

2015-16 Scholarship: Sacha Mapombo Choupa

Sacha Mapombo Choupa 26, Fort Washington, MD, Perlita Liwanag Memorial Scholarship Mother passed away from pancreatic cancer “I decided to pursue a career in medicine after watching my mother battle cancer so that I could help others some day with the strength and courage my mother demonstrated during her treatment. I was not able to help