ABW Kelly’s Cookie Challenge

Thanks to our amazing supporters we were connected with ABW Appliances in October about being the beneficiary of their annual Cookie Challenge, a charity cookie bake-off they host in their Bethesda showroom.
We quickly put out the call to our community for all bakers, cooks, and competitive spirits.
We gathered three awesome teams to be a part of the challenge:
The Vintage Girl Scouts
Ulman’s Cookie Monsters
and The S’more the Merrier
We also got to help select an “off the street” judge to join the judging panel. Former Ulman House resident, Lisa, and Point to Point alumnus, Kevin, signed up to eat and score 12 cookies. A very sweet job.
Each cookie was judged on taste, creativity, and presentation.
With 3 teams, we felt like we had a fighting chance to win it all.
First up were the Ulman Cookie Monsters, they created a seasonal pumpkin chocolate chip cookie and decorated their station with lots of autumn themes.
Then our The S’more the Merrier team was ready to be judged.
After a few mishaps early on, the camp theme came through with their classic S’more cookie.
And Matt even used a blow torch for finishing touches.
Finally The Vintage Girl Scouts were up – with their “Win Mint.”
A delicious take on the classic Thin Mint.
Each team member also found their original girl scout vests for the evening.
After scoring each of the 12 cookies – our judges announced the winners.
The “Win Mint” by the Vintage Girl Scouts!
We were so grateful to be beneficiaries of the Cookie Challenge, and even more excited to  join in on the fun-filled competition.
A very special shout-out and thank you to our bakers who made it such a good time.


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