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See You Soon!

Eager to break out your bow tie and blue jeans?  So are we!  Stay tuned for the the new date in the late summer/fall of 2021.

Thank You!

We can’t stop talking about the Blue Jeans {& Bow Ties} Ball – how about you?! It was a memorable party with a variety of great music, dancing and fashion, delicious food and drinks, and the best company – so many awesome people in one spot. Hopefully you stuck around for the marching band! 
But what has stayed on our minds most are the glimpse Lindsey gave us into life at Ulman House, seeing a year through Jess’ eyes in the beautiful video, applauding the GameChangers, and the life-giving story of baby Hetzel getting ready to make his or her appearance in a few months. What an honor to be invited into the lives of these courageous young cancer thrivers, survivors, and champions.
We couldn’t be more thrilled to share that together, we raised more than $125,000 on Saturday evening! Combined with the sponsorships of so many local businesses, more than $350,000 will hit the Ulman Foundation’s budget through the Blue Jeans Ball this year! If you want to check out first-hand the impact these funds will have, we encourage you to reach out to an Ulman staff member to tour Ulman House or sign up to get involved in some way. 
A few of our crew are known to be competitive, so we’ve already signed on to chair the 2021 event and – with your help – make an even bigger impact next year! Stay tuned for the date, and for now, keep your calendar free in late February so you’re sure to be in town. 
For those who are new to Ulman, thank you for accepting an invitation to support this incredible organization that enriches life in Baltimore. And for those who have been involved with Ulman much longer than the four of us, thank you for the warm welcome into your uniquely strong and inspiring community. 
With gratitude, 
Charlie & Ashley Hatter and Alex & Christina Smith
Presenting Sponsors of Blue Jeans {& Bow Ties} Ball 2020

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NW2 Engineers


Niles, Barton, & Wilmer, LLP

Connelly Fundraising

Wilco Group