Cancer survivor’s son receives scholarship for reflective essay

By Emma LeGault
The University Daily Kansan wrote a piece on one of The Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults’ 2013 scholarship winners, Adam Reeves.
“The news came a couple of days after Christmas that the lump Adam Reeves’s mom had removed after having her last child was Stage II triple-negative breast cancer.
After the shock wore off, Reeves, a freshman from Pleasant Hill, Mo., realized he would have to step up to fill in for Angel, a stay-at-home mom who he said “basically runs our entire lives.”
“Mom’s kind of the glue that holds everything together, so knowing that she would be incapacitated or possibly we might lose her . . . it was a little unhinging,” he said.
It didn’t make things easier when his brother, the only other sibling who could drive, tore three tendons in one of his legs. The brunt of the responsibility fell on Reeves to take care of the family”
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