Cross-country bikers rest at local church

Bicyclists on the 4K for Cancer, a 4,000-mile bike ride to raise awareness, enjoy dinner at Saint John United Methodist Church.
Zirconia Alleyne | Kentucky New Era
The 4K for Cancer Team San Francisco made a stop in Hopkinsville, KY on their cross-country cycling trip. The purpose of the ride is to raise awareness and funds which provide resources and support to young adults and their loved ones affected by cancer.
As reported in the Kentucky New Era:
“Saint John United Methodist Church on South Virginia Street welcomed the group with food and a place to clean up and sleep overnight. Many of the riders were surprised by the hospitality.
Carolyn Barrett, 21, a senior at Loyola University Maryland, said they usually eat pizza when they stop, but in Hopkinsville, they were treated to hot dogs, hamburgers, salad, watermelon, brownies and more.
“This meal is great,” she said. “A home-cooked meal is amazing.”
Members of the Little River Cycling Club helped out on the grill and brought in food.
Jason Whitman, a member of the cycling club and the church, said it was nice to help out other cyclists.
“When I was 13, I road  from Canada to Mexico with my dad,” he said. “I know exactly what they’re going through.”
Read more about their stop:


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