Fall Fest at Ulman House

Ulman House residents and staff joined forces for a epic afternoon filled with Fall inspired competition. Pumpkin painting, apple bobbing, pie eating, and more!
Who was crowned the ultimate Fall winner?

The Set-Up

We invited our staff and residents into a dining room to paint pumpkins (or their bags full of meds) to kick off the afternoon. Before getting down to the tough competition, there needed to be some camaraderie.

The Pie Eating

Pumpkin v. Apple.
The rules were simple: You must use the tiny fork to eat the pie. You cannot touch the pie or the plate.
I was hardly able to snap a picture before we had a clear winner from the pumpkin side.
Our fearless leader claimed the prize for the apple.
Thumbs up all around.

Bobbing for Apples

This 1 v 1 challenge started out pretty tame.
But soon caution was thrown to the wind!
Things you should know: bobbing for apples is harder than you’d think, and these ladies still managed to do it with smiles and minimal water up the nose.
It seemed evenly matched for a bit, but then Angenee got ahead and finished strong!

The Flying Donuts

If a picture is worth 1000 words, how much is a gif worth?
We’d like to start the bidding at 5000. This one is special.
The idea was to eat a donut (or 2) off a string. No hands!
Despite what it looks like, the tallest person in this photo did not actually win. That’s right, Ted took home the donut trophy too.

Stacking Cups

Everyone knows – hydration is key. Especially as the seasons change!
We filled our colorful cups with water and taught everyone the strategies of stack cup.
A less messy and less violent alternative to the traditional college slap cup.
There was no clear winner, but there were definitely a few people who could use some practice on their fine motor skills.
If you’re interested in planning a fun activity for Ulman House residents, get in touch with our staff.
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