Likes don’t always equal donations. So here’s some tips on how to get folks to support you through social media.

Facebook is a great place to jumpstart your fundraising:

  • Announce your campaign and share why you are fundraising for Ulman.
  • Share a personal photo or video.
  • Update your followers with your progress and tag donors to thank them.
  • Consider offering an incentive to encourage donations – “For every $25 donated, I will post an embarrassing photo!”
  • Always include your fundraising page link!

Instagram is a space for engaging your community and documenting your efforts.

  • Use Instagram stories to announce your fundraising and keep followers updated on your progress.
  • Be sure to tag your donors in stories & posts to thank them.
  • Include your fundraising link in your instagram bio.

Twitter can help keep followers updated and sharing your experience

  • Use Twitter to post frequent updates about your fundraising and progress.
  • Share your cancer connection in a Twitter thread to engage more people.
  • Tag companies that have supported you.
  • Include your fundraising link in your Twitter bio.

Linkedin can be used to communicating with your professional network about your fundraising.

  • Use Linkedin to share what you’ve learned from fundraising and how it’s impacted you professionally or personally.
  • Be sure to tag your donors or companies that have supported you.
  • Include Ulman as a volunteer experience or cause you support.

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