Jess’s Journey: A Tale of Resilience, Transformation, and Hope at the Ulman Foundation

In the heart of adversity, stories of strength, resilience, and transformation emerge, and Jess’ journey is a testament to the power of hope and community. In 2020, Jess, a vibrant high school senior, confronted the daunting reality of Hodgkin’s lymphoma, an unexpected twist that reshaped the trajectory of their life. The shock of a cancer diagnosis at the tender age of 18 was an overwhelming experience, setting the stage for a challenging but ultimately triumphant narrative.

Group of young adults high-fiving before a run

As the clouds of uncertainty gathered, Jess embarked on a six-month intensive chemotherapy journey, facing the physical and emotional toll with unwavering determination. Amidst the turbulence, a beacon of support emerged – the Ulman House. More than just a place to stay, the Ulman House became a sanctuary for Jess and their family, providing not only free accommodation but also a source of comfort, connection, and a semblance of normalcy in the midst of the storm.

Transformative Moments at the Ulman House

Today, two years cancer-free, Jess stands tall as a junior at the University of Pittsburgh. The transformative power of Jess’s journey is vividly captured in a photo of her engaged in typical college activities, a living testament to the resilience of the human spirit. Driven by the profound impact of the support received at the Ulman House, Jess is now fueled by a passion to become a pediatric oncology nurse, dedicated to helping others navigate the challenges of cancer with empathy and understanding.

Group of young adults high-fiving before a run

Two Lessons, a Lifetime of Impact: Saying Yes and Asking for Help

Jess’ journey instilled two invaluable lessons: the importance of saying yes to every experience life has to offer and the necessity of reaching out for help when needed.

Now, Jess extends a hand to you, sharing her story as a call to action. The Ulman Foundation, a vital pillar of support throughout her ordeal, is in need of assistance to continue its mission.

You too can play a pivotal role in providing young adults facing cancer with the resources they need to navigate their journeys. Join us in this collective effort to ensure that no young adult has to face cancer alone and help Ulman raise $200,000 before December 31. As Jess learned, cancer changes lives, and so can you.

Group of young adults high-fiving before a run

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