University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Patient Navigator

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About Ulman Foundation

Ulman Foundation is a non-profit organization that changes lives by creating a community of support for young adults, and their loved ones, impacted by cancer. We offer support to AYA patients, survivors and their loved ones through our PN programs, our traditional and non-traditional support groups, and through Ulman House, our no-cost home for those traveling to Baltimore for treatment.

At Ulman, we believe the community of support that we create for our patients begins with creating a community of support amongst our team. We strive to maintain an environment where we can all bring our best, most authentic, and whole selves to work, where we feel seen, heard, respected and valued, and where we have the tools, resources and support we need to be successful in our work and in our lives.

Cancer affects us all. The Ulman Foundation supports and recognizes each individual as a whole. No matter where you’re from, what you believe, who you love, or how you identify, you are welcomed, respected and supported within the Ulman Community.

About the UMMC AYA Patient Navigator Role

As the Ulman Foundation UMMC AYA PN you will provide services, resources and activities to promote and improve the social and emotional quality of life of adolescent and young adult oncology patients. Your primary job is to meet patients and their loved ones where they are, establish rapport, identify barriers they are facing and implement interventions to help with treatment compliance, psychosocial issues, fertility preservation, and other needs that the patient or family may face. This AYA PN position is a joint project of the Ulman Foundation (Ulman) and the University of Maryland Greenebaum Cancer Center (UMGCC), designed to advance the institution’s commitment to an exceptional patient experience for their AYA patient population.

This position is designed so that 4 days a week are spent working directly with patients and hospital staff on-site at UMMC. One day a week is allocated to specific work at/with the Ulman Foundation at various sites that could include Ulman House, work in the community or at Ulman events, support groups or programs, or remote working. Standard hours at UMMC are 8am to 4pm, with the specific hours determined by the needs of the patients and the hospital. Standard hours at Ulman are 9am to 5pm. The time dedicated to the Ulman Foundation may include participation in or leadership of occasional events or programs that take place at night or on weekends.

Specific responsibilities of this position include:

Developing and implementing effective patient support programs

  • Coordinates onsite activities at UMMC geared toward the AYA population
  • Coordinates offsite activities beyond UMMC geared toward the AYA population
  • Meets with newly diagnosed (and new to the hospital) AYA patients to discuss AYA-specific resources within the hospital, throughout the greater Baltimore/Washington area, within the Ulman Foundation and partner organizations, and on the internet
  • Meets with all AYA patients being treated at UMMC who are referred to Ulman, contact Ulman directly, or are identified by you prior to a referral/contact
  • Connects AYA patients to other AYA cancer patients/survivors in the area
  • Develops, implements, and promotes Ulman Foundation programs (such as support groups/Where YA Meet, Cancer to 5K, referrals to the Ulman House, and new programs and activities that enhance the patient and family experience)
  • Commitment and engagement in AYA support services, such as support groups and/or social support programming, that may be provided after normal business hours

Establishing effective multidisciplinary communications regarding patient and family

  • Facilitates communication between AYA patients, their medical care team, and their families
  • Educates each newly diagnosed AYA about available resources and documents in medical record
  • Communicates observations to the health care team
  • Participates in psychosocial and multidisciplinary team meetings
  • Provides opportunities for stakeholder input into the Project through staff meetings, focus groups and on-line surveys. Stakeholders include AYA patients (current & former), their families, and medical and psychosocial support staff
  • Collaborates with existing psychosocial support staff to determine ways to best support AYA cancer patients and their families

Supporting, representing, and advancing the AYA PN Project and the UMGCC/Ulman Partnership

  • Educates medical and psychosocial support staff about the Project and general AYA oncology information. Educational efforts may include in services, presentations at grand rounds, brown bag lunches, information distribution, and more
  • Works weekly with Ulman Foundation staff on program advancement. Attends bi-weekly Ulman Foundation all-staff meetings and spends that workday working from the Ulman House or working remotely as needed
  • Will identify the Ulman Foundation by wearing branded polo, lanyard or other clothing along with a hospital ID card to promote the Ulman Foundation’s role in the Project
  • Regularly communicates with Ulman Foundation staff, and produces regular reports to the Ulman Foundation, on overall program delivery and works with the Ulman Foundation to share updates and stories, as appropriate, for social media outreach and program promotion to demonstrate impact of the program at cancer center(s), to be shared with the approval of UMGCC

Organizational Commitment/Identification

  • Partners in UMGCC’s and the Ulman Foundation’s missions and upholds the core principles and values of the organizations
  • Demonstrates commitment to diversity and recognizes the value of cultural/ethnic differences
  • Demonstrates personal and professional integrity
  • Maintains confidentiality at all times as required by HIPAA

Customer Service/Safety

  • Anticipates and thoughtfully responds to needs of others, follows up until needs are met
  • Continuously validates and verifies information needed for decision making/documentation
  • Demonstrates accurate, clear, and timely verbal and written communication
  • Actively promotes safety for patients, families, visitors, co-workers and themself

Performance Improvement and Problem Solving

  • Contributes to a positive work environment
  • Demonstrates flexibility and willingness to change and adapt
  • Identifies opportunities to improve clinical and administrative processes
  • Makes appropriate decisions using sound judgment
  • Demonstrates resourcefulness and critical thinking to solve complex problems

Cost Management/Financial Responsibility/Safety

  • Uses resources efficiently
  • Searches for less costly ways of providing services
  • Manages a budget and uses at their discretion, any patient assistance funds

Contributes to Furthering Professional Environment & Standards

  • Responds to requests for service as stated in department standards
  • Participates in psychosocial and departmental staff meetings
  • Meets all requirements for tracking of patient contacts and patient participation in events
  • Participates in departmental performance improvement activities

Other duties as assigned.

About You

If you have strong communication skills, high emotional intelligence, and are an innovative, creative, self-motivated, upbeat, organized individual who is looking to have a direct impact on the lives of AYA patients and families, this role may be for you. To be successful in this role you must be able to work within a large organization in a collegial, team-oriented, and collaborative manner while managing multiple responsibilities and critically prioritizing your work. In this role you will represent both Ulman and UMGCC with integrity and a shared commitment to both, with the patient’s interest always being top priority.


  • PTO – 15 days/yr prorated
  • 13 paid holidays
  • Employer funded health insurance
  • Retirement plan + 3% match
  • Employer funded STD, LTD, AD&D and life insurance
  • Employer funded employee assistance program
  • Monthly reimbursements for cell phone ($50) and wellness ($20)
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