Maryland First Lady Yumi Hogan Visits Ulman House

First Lady Yumi Hogan joined the Governor’s Office of Community Initiatives to visit the Ulman House on October 10th, 2020.
Staff from the Governor’s Office of Community Initiatives volunteered to prepare, cook, and serve the dinner as part of their participation in Day to Serve, an annual month-long volunteer initiative from September 11 to October 10.
First Lady Yumi Hogan joined the staff to serve a Korean dinner and share a meal with the patients, caregivers, guests, and staff of the Ulman House as the 2019 Day to Serve came to a close.
It was on October 3, 2016, when Governor Hogan completed his final chemotherapy treatment and said he never could have made it to that point without the amazing support of those around him. It was touching that Governor Hogan, me, our family, and the citizens of Maryland bonded together to support him in his recovery,” said First Lady Yumi Hogan. “Since then, he has made funding cancer research, and organizations like the Ulman House who assist people and families suffering from this disease, a priority.”
Mrs. Hogan was given a tour of Ulman House, and learned about our different volunteer activities and programming offered to guests and members of our community. She particularly enjoyed the motivational rock art donated by a volunteer and displayed in the communal space of the living room.
The First Lady also enjoyed getting to know some of the current House residents including Spencer Wiersburg, who shared, “I received a letter from Governor Hogan when this first happened: telling me his journey. That was super encouraging, super motivational and helps me get through this whole process.”
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