Meet Neri Cohen

Meet Neri Cohen Meet Neri Cohen, M.D., grandfather, long-time Ulman supporter & board member. What is your connection to the cancer community? I am a thoracic surgeon and over the past fifteen years, I’ve been essentially a cancer surgeon. I’m the

Meet Our Interns

Meet Our Interns This summer, we welcomed three interns to tackle special projects at Ulman. Get to know them a little & what they've learned from their internship experience so far! Janet Hong - Communications Intern Where are you from? New

Three Questions

Three Questions by Steve Kibler Brian Satola, Ulman COO, sent me a harmless text yesterday asking for my email address and then, upon receiving my address, promptly sent me a short email with three simple questions. Three simple questions about a made-up

Cancer & Cannabis

Cancer & Cannabis by Joel Meshulam, M.D. Dr. Meshulam is a practicing internist at Mercy Medical Center in downtown Baltimore.  He has been seeing patients for cannabis consultations since February of 2018.  More than 90% of his consultations are done with patients who have either never used