Living through the COVID-19 pandemic has proven to us – if there was ever any question – that life is truly unpredictable. That all we can really control is our next step, the one right in front of us. Questions about the future are even more pronounced for young adults living with cancer.
When does my next treatment start? How will I afford my next medical bill? What will my next scan tell me?
When the future is uncertain, deciding on one next step can provide comfort and a small measure of stability.
Liane – determined survivor and dedicated supporter of many loved ones who have lived with, and died from cancer – can’t help but inspire others to contemplate what next step they could take. What will yours be?
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Ulman’s Next Step

After two years of operating Ulman House, we’re building out the lower level! 
The space will serve many functions including a multimedia room, where residents can enjoy movies and shows without interrupting others, and play video games – often a way they stay in touch with friends at home. We’ll create a few small offices, where patients and caregivers can work remotely, and a larger conference room for making art, hosting board meetings, and as a place for our staff to gather. Finally, the big open space will have a mini-kitchen and will include lounge furniture. It will serve as a place for volunteers to gather and be trained, for puzzles to be left out, and for celebrating birthdays and milestones together.

What’s your next step?

We invite you to ask yourself, “what’s my next step?” Throughout this year, we’ll offer opportunities for you to help local AYA cancer thrivers and survivors in a way that works for you, now. This guide will give you some ideas!
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