Thank you for your support! The pop-up shop is closed for now. Stay tuned for updates on its return!

Welcome to the Pop-Up Shop!

Our Pop-Up Shop is pre-sale style, meaning it’s a limited-time sale with limited inventory. We’ll place orders for the exact items our community wants, and we won’t get left behind with costly unused inventory. It ensures we keep prices as low as possible and every penny of profit goes directly back into our mission.

You’ll get your goods in early-to-mid April.

Shipping is free to 48 states!

Yes, you can return an item and we will refund you on the sales price, less a 25% restocking fee.  However, we cannot guarantee that we can exchange an item for you as we place orders based on exactly what was purchased.  Email [email protected] for returns.

Part of your purchase is tax-deductible and the amount depends on the item(s) you purchase.  In your purchase receipt, you’ll receive an amount that is considered a donation.

Thanks for asking!  To make sure all the proceeds go directly back to our free programs for AYAs, we’re enlisting volunteers for a fun pack + ship day.  We’ll gather volunteers at Ulman House and form a fun assembly line of packers, inventory checkers, labelers, and more!

We bet you look Hottt in your sweet merch.  Tag us on Instagram and Facebook – @ulmanfoundation