5 Ways You Can Show Your Support During Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Awareness Week

Join us in raising awareness for adolescent and young adults (AYA) impacted by cancer during AYA Cancer Awareness Week, April 3-7, 2023! This week is a great opportunity to show your support for the Ulman Foundation and those impacted by cancer. Here are some ways you can get involved!

Host a Fundraiser

In recognition of AYA Cancer Awareness Week, there are many creative fundraisers that you can do to raise awareness and show your support with the Ulman Foundation. These DIY fundraisers can include hosting a virtual 5K, an online auction, a social media challenge, a bake sale, an online t-shirt sale, a trivia night, a silent auction, a movie night, an art show, or even a house party! DIY fundraising events are a fun and easy way to bring people together, fostering a sense of community and support for young adults facing cancer and their families. You can provide hope by showing them they are not alone. When you host a fundraiser with Ulman, you are making a difference in the lives of young adults facing cancer. You can get started by clicking here!

Share Information

Sharing information and educational resources about AYA cancer on social media, personal blogs, and community forums can help raise awareness about the unique challenges facing the AYA cancer community. Even wearing or displaying Ulman Foundation branded apparel such as t-shirts, wristbands, or car decals can be a simple yet effective way to raise awareness about the importance of Ulman’s work for more than 25 years in support of this underserved community. Stop by the Ulman House to receive a branded sticker decal or a wristband.

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Share Personal Experiences

Sharing personal experiences and stories of those who have been affected by adolescent and young adult cancer helps raise awareness, inspire others, spark change, and encourage support. This helps people better understand the emotional and physical toll that cancer can take on individuals in this age group. Share your story to encourage caregivers, family, and friends by helping them better understand how they can best support their loved ones through the cancer journey. Personal stories help bring attention to issues that need to be addressed, such as gaps in care and support for adolescents and young adults with cancer while also inspiring hope and resilience that can inspire others who are going through a similar experience, showing them that they are not alone.

Honor a Loved One

The Why We Fight wall at the Ulman House is teeming with the names of our loved ones who have been impacted by cancer. Whoever you fight for, consider taking time during this week to do something they loved and enjoyed, such as taking a hike, visiting a favorite place, watching their favorite movie or listening to their favorite music. Connect with others this week, take time to reminisce with family and friends to share stories or memories about them. You can memorialize their legacy by dedicating a brick in their honor in our Legacy Walkway, which will line the sidewalk outside of the Ulman House. Ultimately, the most important thing is to find a way that feels meaningful to you and your family to honor and remember your loved one.

Make a Commitment

Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Awareness Week is a great time to make a commitment to support the resources, services, and opportunities Ulman Foundation provides for the AYA community beyond the nationally recognized week of awareness in April. You can make a commitment to our mission by registering to run with Team Ulman in one of the upcoming races, signing up to run with your local Cancer to 5K team, volunteering to cook a meal for the patients and caregivers at the Ulman House, or becoming a monthly donor as a part of our Dedication Circle giving program. At Ulman, every week is AYA Cancer Awareness Week and there are always opportunities for you to join us in making a difference.

Adolescent and young adult cancer is often overlooked or underrepresented in the broader conversation about cancer. By supporting Ulman Foundation during AYA Cancer Awareness Week, you can help inform, educate, honor and inspire others, helping us get one step closer to our vision of a world where no young adult faces cancer alone.


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