A Message to the Ulman Community

A note from Brock on this new way of living with COVID-19.
Dear Ulman Community –
As we settle into this new way of living with COVID-19 – more consciously, carefully, and physically distant than ever – I want to share with you how we’re keeping the Ulman community thriving, while protecting the most vulnerable among us. Let me start by thanking the many of you who have already reached out to ask how you can help, and how our clients are doing. It seems the only constant right now is change, but for now here’s our update from Ulman.

Care for our clients remains our top priority. 
Cancer treatment isn’t stopping amidst this global coronavirus pandemic, so Ulman House and our Patient Navigation services continue to operate, with a few modifications. At Ulman House, our primary focus is on the health of our long-term residents, who live with weakened immune systems after transplants or surgeries, and through chemo and radiation. We’ve stepped up our already thorough cleaning regimen, put away our favorite shared puzzles for now, and are facilitating grocery delivery or pick-up so residents can stay out of the stores. Until we’re through this, we’re prohibiting visitors (including volunteers) and limiting our staff team to a consistent three team members. The vast majority of our residents are staying with us long-term – from a number of weeks to several months. To limit the possibility of bringing the virus into the House among those who are with us for the long haul, we’re referring those with short-term stay needs to our partner, the Lord Baltimore Hotel.
Our Patient Navigators are following the recommendations and regulations of the hospitals where they’re based, while stepping up their remote navigation efforts as well. We’ve cancelled non-essential gatherings of patients for the time being, like our Where YA Meet events and other support groups. We’ll be innovating to leverage technology however, so stay tuned to join some gatherings online.

Despite strong headwinds, we will continue moving in the right direction
For many in our community, our movement-based events and experiences are the heart of Ulman. We’re saddened to postpone April’s Key to Keys experience, and we’ll announce a new date as soon as we’re able to. In the spirit of “4K, OK!”, a favorite rallying cry of our cross-country cyclists and runners, we’re not making any changes to the 4K for Cancer at this time. Our Cancer to 5K teams who are in season currently will go virtual. Thankfully, running and walking outside, solo or with safe distance from others, is one of the best things we can all do right now! So our coaches and teammates will give and get support via email and facebook groups.

Preparing for the future
None of us knows what is going to happen in the next few weeks or months. Living in uncertainty is tough. The one thing we are certain of, though, is just how essential our work is and continues to be. During this time of social distancing, we must combat isolation even more vigilantly! So, here’s how you can help: 
  • Reach out! Most of us have extra time on our hands now that activities are cancelled. Think of those you know who may be struggling the most and give them a call! Friends in treatment, folks who live alone, or healthcare providers who are going the extra mile – everyone could use some connection and encouragement right about now! 
  • Dedicate! When you get outside for a run, walk or ride, dedicate those miles and share it on social
  • Give! Our guess is as good as yours when it comes to the future of our economy. The Ulman Foundation is powered nearly completely by philanthropy, and there’s a real risk that some events and fundraising initiatives we’re counting on may be cancelled. Individual support will be more important than ever this year, to enable us to plan confidently for the future and keep our services running smoothly. If you can, please consider making your annual gift now, or signing up to give monthly through Dedication Circle.

Our values have taken on a whole new meaning and depth for our team lately, and we hope you’ll remember them often too: Be Committed, Be Human, Be Better, and Be Courageous. Thank you for joining us in our efforts to live our values in innovative ways and expand our community in the midst of distance. 
In good health, 
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