At Ulman House we provide free housing for young adult cancer patients, and their caregivers.
We’re proudly located in East Baltimore steps from our city’s world-renowned hospitals, and uniquely designed with young adults in mind.

2118 E Madison Street
Baltimore, MD 21205


If you do not have access to the referral form
please email our staff at [email protected]

Statement of Inclusivity

Cancer affects us all. The Ulman Foundation supports and recognizes each individual as a whole before, during and beyond their diagnosis.

You’re welcome no matter where you’re from.
Your beliefs are respected.
You’re recognized for who and how you love.
Your identity is honored. 

At Ulman, you are welcomed, respected, and supported within our community.

Toothbrush? Check.

Stay With Us

Got time? Lend a hand.


Got stuff? We need it.

Wish List


In order to be eligible to stay at Ulman House you must meet these requirements:
  • be between the ages of 15-39
  • be in active treatment for cancer
  • have a caregiver who will be able to stay with you at the house
  • have a permanent address that is at least 35 miles away from your treatment facility (there are no mileage requirements for transplant recipients)
*If you have any questions regarding your eligibility, please contact [email protected] or have a member of your care team reach out.
For patients and caregivers, staying at Ulman House is FREE! Shout-out to our donors who make it possible for you to pay nothing!
A member of your care team will need to fill out our online referral form. Once we’ve determined you are eligible to stay at Ulman House, we will reach out to confirm your reservation. Any questions about referrals can be directed to [email protected]
Regular check-in hours are 3pm to 8pm the day of your first appointment. Check-in details will be determined when your reservation is confirmed.
Nope! Our communal areas are open for use during the day for patients and caregivers to use as well. We have laundry facilities and a full bathroom available for day use for guests, so if you need a quick break from the hospital come on down and ask for a guest pass.
Get a load of this – we have no maximum! As long as you are still eligible, you can make a reservation for as long as you are in treatment.
We require a check-out date, but we understand things may come up, so we do our best to accommodate extension requests. Communication is key! The earlier you let us know you may need to extend, the higher the likelihood we can make it happen.
Each family suite can fit four people.
You betchya! For day guests, you may have people visit from the hours of 7:30AM to 8:00PM and they are required to stay in common areas of the house (first two floors). For overnight guests, be sure to register them with an Ulman House Staff member a day in advance. For the safety of all of our guests, we will be doing background checks on all overnight guests.
Yep! We have ample street parking, but if parallel parking isn’t your thing, we also have spots available in a nearby lot for our guests.
At Ulman House, along with our stocked communal kitchen, you will be assigned your own mini fridge with a lock and a dry food container just for you.
Yes! We love getting mail and we’re sure you will too. Packages will be held at the front office and mail can be collected from the mail cart.
Want to cook your own food? Power to ya! You can use our communal kitchen. Want to never touch a pot? We’ve got you covered! Volunteers will cook family-style meals and breakfast options are available in the morning.
Our wonderful housekeeper works everyday to ensure that our House is looking its best. Private suites are not our housekeepers responsibility, so don’t forget to clean your own space.
Ulman House has a laundry room stocked with detergent for personal use.
There sure are. We have a fitness center, music room, and library all ready for you to use.
We also have monthly Young Adult support groups that we call “Where YA Meet”s and monthly activity hours. Stay updated on the schedule by stopping by the Ulman House Staff office (to say “hi” of course) and to check out the schedule of events.

From Our Residents

“Staying at Ulman House did two things for me; it gave me a support system of individuals who were going through similar experiences to engage with and provided me a way to decompress through volunteer activities after I completed treatment each day.”
“What Ulman has done for us is: to help us use our resources to care for our daughter, to give us a place where we feel safe, and to give us a place that we don’t feel alone in the really frightening battle to save her life. We are so grateful!”
“Thank you so much for supporting me and my family during this difficult time. My prolonged treatment plan would have necessitated the need to find housing for at least 2 consecutive months. Not only did Ulman provide housing & financial assistance but indirectly, emotional support by connecting me to a community & second family during treatment.”
100% of respondents report reduced stress
93% experienced a reduced financial burden

Contact Us

Questions? Drop us a line.
[email protected]
410.964.0202 x 124